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A key step in helping any business with its technology is a proper assessment of current state and potential vulnerabilities.

With Businesses Using More SaaS Applications, It’s Important For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) To Properly Assess The Following For Their Customers And Prospects:

With the rise in SaaS application usage and mass adoption of remote work policies traditional network assessments no longer provide a complete and accurate picture of a company’s technology environment. So, it’s important to dive deeper into the application layer and user behavior.

Please note, SaaS Alerts does not work directly with end customers, assessments and ongoing monitoring are only conducted through our managed services (MSPs) partners. If an end user customer working with an MSP would like to validate if an MSP they’re working with is a registered SaaS Alerts partner, they can send an email with the subject line: “Validation Request” to Please provide the name of the MSP in question and a response will be provided within 24 hours.

SaaS application administrator credentials (for example Microsoft 365 username and password) will be required for assessments, but these credentials are not stored or cached in the SaaS Alerts system and MSPs do not see credentials in prospecting engagements. The MSP will collect the findings of the assessment for presentation purposes. (For ongoing monthly recurring engagements, it is commonplace for an MSP to possess their customers application credentials).

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If you are a business looking for an assessment and SaaS cybersecurity support from an MSP, please feel free to email and an MSP from the SaaS Alerts network of partners from your region will be recommended.

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