Gain increased visibility and peace of mind with advanced Google Workspace monitoring and automated threat remediation.

Google Workspace Security Monitoring

While not as prevalent as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace is integral in numerous client environments. And like its more frequently-used counterpart, your clients rely on it to access and share sensitive corporate data. A Google Workspace DLP platform like SaaS Alerts monitors your managed Google Workspace accounts for unusual behavior and alerts you to attacks quickly — so you can take action before they result in data loss.

“Most clients have no clue what’s going on behind the scenes of their organizations when it comes to IT security. I recently had a client with 120 third-party applications connected to their Google Workspace account. I wouldn’t see that without a tool like SaaS Alerts. The more I can see, the more I can protect.”

Enhancing Google Workspace Security

In this age of ever-evolving cyber threats, the importance of enhancing security across all platforms cannot be overstated. Google Workspace, although recognized for its innate security features, is not exempt from threats. It serves as a hub where organizations store, manage and share a plethora of sensitive information. This makes it an enticing target for cybercriminals who are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities to exploit.

The role of a security solution like SaaS Alerts is to ensure that when vulnerabilities are exploited by bad actors and a breach occurs, you can spot it fast and minimize losses. The goal is simple yet vital: to ensure that the data and communications within Google Workspace remain confidential.

In-depth Google Workspace Monitoring and Alerting

Spotting infiltrations in your clients’ environments is challenging without a robust SaaS security solution. SaaS Alerts monitors over 50 events within Google Workspace to identify malicious activities and immediately sends an alert via email when a threat is detected, or can create a ticket in your PSA solution for efficient resolution. 

Identifiable actions include: 

  • Successful logins from unapproved locations
  • Internal or external data exfiltration
  • Risky file-sharing practices
  • Unauthorized SaaS application usage (shadow IT)
  • Security configuration changes 
  • Admin access granted

Monthly Reporting

Supply your clients with insightful monthly activity reports showcasing any unusual behaviors and pinpointing potential hazards in their environments — like an employee with 120 third-party applications connected to their account. These reports serve as a transparent window, reflecting the unparalleled protection you offer, allowing you to validate your invaluable services to existing clients.

This method is like sharing a sneak peek into the proactive safeguarding happening behind the scenes, allowing your clients to visualize the meticulous care and security layers you provide. It’s about being open, demonstrating not just the value, but the necessity of such protective services in today’s cyber landscape.

It’s a conversation starter, an eye-opener, and a value demonstrator, all wrapped in one, emphasizing the distinctive protective layer you bring to the table. The approach is all about connecting, showcasing benefits with confidence, and emphasizing the easy adaptability and indispensable value, all while maintaining a trustworthy, client-centric, and solution-oriented stance.


Why is monitoring important in Google Workspace?

Monitoring in Google Workspace is like having a trustworthy friend who’s always looking out for you, ensuring everything runs smoothly and securely, and lets you know if anything seems a bit off. Think about a time when a friend pointed out that your shoelaces were untied before you had a chance to trip — that’s the kind of look-out we’re talking about! It’s that friendly, vigilant presence, consistently safeguarding your SaaS environment, giving your team peace of mind.

What is the difference between Google Workspace logging and monitoring?

Think of Google Workspace logging and monitoring as more than features — they are your allies in creating a secure SaaS environment for your clients.

Google Workspace Logging 

Let’s talk about logging first. Imagine you own a diary, where you jot down everything that happens through the day—logging in Google Workspace is sort of like that. Every time something happens within a clients’ workspace, like when someone accesses a file or sends an email, it makes a record of it. Logging is like a personal journal for your managed Workspace environments, keeping tabs on all the little details. It’s crucial, right? Especially when you want to backtrack and see what went down at a specific time or who accessed what. It’s like having breadcrumbs to follow whenever you need them.

Google Workspace Monitoring 

Now, let’s jump to monitoring. Picture this: you have a friend who’s got their eyes on everything that’s happening around. That’s monitoring! It’s there to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to alert you the moment anything looks out of place. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes amiss or any unusual activity occurs, you’re the first one to know.

Putting Them Together

When you pair logging with monitoring in Google Workspace, it’s like having a detailed diary and a watchful friend working hand-in-hand. The logs provide the comprehensive insights, the minutiae of activities, while the monitoring keeps you informed in real-time about the heartbeat of your clients’ environments. This dynamic duo ensures that you’re not just reacting to issues but proactively managing and resolving them before they escalate.

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