What does Microsoft 365's price increase mean for MSPs and your clients?

In response to Microsoft's price increase on Microsoft 365 beginning March 1st, SaaS Alerts has hired an independent product marketing company. They will review every MSFT 365 license type to help our partners understand the ramifications and better message the price increase to your customers. Please join us to review the findings of the analysis, which will be shared via webinar with our partners.

In addition, every attendee will receive access to a new MSFT 365 calculator which incorporates the price increases and includes options for different margin expectations.

For your convenience, we will conduct 3 separate live webinars, so we can answer all your questions. The dates and times of the webinar are as follows:

February 8th @ 1:00pm EST
February 15th @ 1:00pm EST
February 23rd @ 2:00pm EST

Join us as we answer these questions and more:

This webinar has ended.

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