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SaaS Alerts Integrations

SaaS Alerts is built to seamlessly integrate with the best of breed tools that MSPs use most. Explore our growing list of integrations below.

Complimentary In-House Protection

Given your access to a plethora of sensitive customer data, MSPs are often prime targets for cyber attacks. SaaS Alerts offers complimentary protection for your own business, shielding you from impending threats by automatically alerting your executive team when any unusual, high-risk behavior occurs within your MSP tool stack.

RMM Integrations

Reconcile device data from your RMM with user data from SaaS Alerts to help ensure only authorized users on authorized devices can gain access to critical company SaaS applications.

PSA Integrations

Integrate SaaS Alerts with your existing PSA tools and workflows to efficiently surface security issues to your technicians. Alerts are automatically created in your PSA tool, allowing for fast and comprehensive response to potential security issues.

Documentation Integrations

Protect the literal keys to the castle by integrating SaaS Alerts with your documentation system to monitor for any unusual user behavior that might indicate a security risk.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance provides a critical safety net for your SBM clients, helping them manage the financial risks associated with cyber threats. It also removes some of the financial burden from you.

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