SaaS Alerts™ Launches Fortify, Streamlining the Way MSPs Configure and Secure Microsoft 365 Tenants


WILMINGTON, N.C., August 1, 2023  — SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company that provides a SaaS security platform purpose-built for managed service providers (MSPs) to identify and put a stop to unauthorized activity in customer applications, has launched Fortify. This innovative tool is specifically designed to expedite the application of Microsoft security recommendations to improve customers’ Microsoft secure scores and overall security posture.

fortify“Our primary goal with Fortify is to enable MSPs to apply Microsoft security recommendations more efficiently,” said Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts. “This advancement signifies SaaS Alerts’ unwavering dedication to providing dynamic and easy-to-use solutions tailored to the continually changing needs of MSPs. With the introduction of Fortify, SaaS Alerts distinguishes itself as the sole security platform offering a trifecta of features: configuration management, security monitoring and automated remediation.”

Now available on the SaaS Alerts security platform, Fortify allows MSPs to implement Microsoft’s security recommendations across all their customers in minutes. Focusing on enhancing Microsoft secure scores, this strategy puts customers’ security postures at the forefront. The streamlined process also signals SaaS Alerts’ dedication to not only bolstering cybersecurity but also improving operational efficiency for its partners.

“With the addition of Fortify, SaaS Alerts now offers everything we need to effectively manage our customers’ critical SaaS business applications in a single platform,” said Ben Jones, director of Centralized Services at Central Technology Solutions. “Implementing Microsoft security recommendations used to be a tedious task that took hours, if not days. With Fortify, we can apply security recommendations across all of our customers in a matter of minutes. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

Fortify is not limited to implementing security recommendations; it also serves as a comparative tool. The feature enables an MSP to take a customer’s Microsoft secure score and benchmarks it against similar-sized companies. This comparison allows the MSP to evaluate a customer’s security posture relative to its industry peers.

Furthermore, MSPs can utilize the Organization Vulnerability Assessment reports offered by Fortify. The reports enable MSPs to share Microsoft secure scores with customers and contrast them with the advised security protocols. The ultimate aim of the reports is to arm MSPs with data that will help encourage their customers to enhance their security posture by upgrading their Microsoft licenses.

To learn more about Fortify and how it can help MSPs improve customers’ Microsoft secure scores and overall security posture, visit or register for the launch webinar scheduled for August 15, 2023 at 1PM ET.

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