SaaS Alerts™ Launches Unify, the World’s First Cybersecurity Solution That Provides Visibility Between SaaS Applications and
End-User Devices using RMM Agents


Unify is the First and Only Technology to Protect SaaS Applications While Enabling MSPs to Answer a Growing Need and Leverage the Shift to SaaS Applications

WILMINGTON, N.C., April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/SaaS Alerts, the cybersecurity company purpose-built for MSPs to protect and monetize their customers’ business SaaS applications, today announced the release of Unify. Building on SaaS Alerts’ award-winning monitoring, alerting, and automated response engine, Unify’s new, groundbreaking technology provides much-needed visibility into the massive security blindspot between cloud-based SaaS applications and the devices that end users leverage.

Protecting business data used to be as simple as setting up antivirus on devices, implementing a firewall, and ensuring a backup was present and tested. In today’s world, how we work has changed. As data and workloads move to SaaS-based applications and users work from anywhere on any device, protecting business-critical data inside SaaS applications requires a new playbook. With the launch of the Unify module, SaaS Alerts is once again providing MSP/MSSP partners with the ability to better protect their customers, this time by correlating device data from RMM agents with SaaS account security events.

“Unify is a real game-changer for the technology services community. Service providers have been leveraging RMM agents for decades and seemingly every time an MSP/MSSP introduces a new solution into an environment, it requires another agent. SaaS Alerts has developed a completely new approach by reading the device information from the millions of existing agents already deployed and correlating that data with the user behavior associated with the world’s most popular SaaS applications. As a result of this enhanced visibility, more attacks can be stopped earlier,” said Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts. “The release of Unify is timely in today’s environment, as CISA and Homeland Security are holding MSPs accountable for securing their small business clients. We are uniquely positioned to help MSPs better insulate themselves from liability, protect their clients, reduce labor costs, and drive incremental revenue. We exist to help MSPs/MSSPs win on the transition from the on prem/device paradigm to the user/SaaS approach.”

Unify connects SaaS application event data with the devices that end users are leveraging to create a unified security view of the user. For example, with authentication, users should be challenged to prove something they know (e.g. password) and something they have (e.g. MFA token). However, token hijacking has changed the game. Having a password and token no longer confirms a user’s identity, creating a huge blindspot. Unlike any other solution, Unify can prove that users know their password, have the MFA token, and that they are accessing the SaaS application from a known device.

Customers utilizing Unify will realize the following key benefits:

  • Seamless Deployment – Unify utilizes the existing RMM agent in place, so a SaaS Alerts agent is not required
  • Improved Security and Efficiency – Less noise, more confidence, and more insights related to SaaS events

“The availability of Unify marks a significant milestone in the cybersecurity landscape,” said Benjamin Jones, Director of Cyber Security and Compliance at Central Technology Solutions (CTS). “By bridging the gap between cloud-based SaaS applications and end-user devices, we’re able to reinforce our clients’ security measures like never before. This innovative solution empowers CTS to proactively address emerging threats and ensure the highest level of protection for our valued customers.”

Unify is available at no additional cost. All active partners automatically receive Unify by provisioning Ninja RMM, ConnectWise Automate, or Kaseya VSA within SaaS Alerts.

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