SaaS Alerts Is the Best Alternative to Augmentt Technology

Switch from Augmentt to SaaS Alerts for unified and automated SaaS security

SaaS Alerts is purpose-built for MSPs to protect and monetize SaaS applications. With our platform’s automated detection and remediation capabilities, MSPs can stay vigilant about threats and stop unauthorized activity without the need for human intervention.

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Why SaaS Alerts Wins Over Augmentt Software — Every Time

Key Differences Between SaaS Alerts and Augmentt

In addition to protecting SaaS environments, SaaS Alerts helps MSPs to increase monthly recurring revenue. In fact, MSPs using our SaaS security management platform are increasing MRR by $2 to $6 per user per month.

SaaS Alerts
Automated Remediation for Quick Threat Response
With our Respond module, MSPs can easily create rules to automatically remediate threats, ensuring compromised accounts are immediately locked down.
MSPs can set threat alerts to keep customers’ Microsoft environment protected. This SaaS management platform doesn’t offer automated remediation tools.
Better Integration Capabilities for Centralized Security
In addition to monitoring cloud applications such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack, SaaS Alerts integrates with the most commonly used RMM tools, allowing MSPs to correlate data between known devices and user accounts.
Integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
Quick Deployment of Security Recommendations
With our security policy automation capabilities, MSPs can swiftly apply Microsoft security recommendations across all tenants.
Augmentt provides the ability to audit, apply a baseline & monitor for configuration drift.
Maintenance of Log Data for Security Events​
Log data is maintained for 365 days to help MSPs diagnose issues and detect threat patterns.
Log data is maintained for 90 days.
Comprehensive Reporting
Our comprehensive reporting of user behavior and security events in SaaS applications helps to assess cyber risks within the environment.
Augmentt provides user behavior and security events, as well as MFA reporting, security baseline reporting, cybersecurity and risk assessments.
Internal Use for MSPs
MSPs that use SaaS Alerts for clients’ cybersecurity enjoy free internal use to monitor IT documentation and RMM tools, so they can better protect their own business.
MSPs are unable to monitor their internal tools with Augmentt, thus resulting in less effective security practices for their own operations.
SaaS Alerts
Continuous monitoring and alerting
Tracking user activity from outside approved location
Analyzing user behavior to detect insider threats

Tracking data breach attempts such as brute force attacks, along with additional file activity monitoring

Monitoring of documentation and RMM tools
SaaS discovery (i.e., shadow IT detection)
Monitoring RMM connected devices to user behavior
Agentless monitoring
SaaS Alerts
Automatic remediation of security events
Fully automated remediation of compromised accounts (or accounts that show evidence of compromise)
Easy elimination of unnecessary guest user accounts
Automatically retire a session and disable login when a successful login happens outside of an approved location
Automatically remediate critical issues including impossible travel, data egress and events outside of approved location
Automated remediation of IAM and DLP events
SaaS Alerts
Integrates with professional services automation (PSA) tools
Integrates with Microsoft 365
Integrates with Google Workspace
Integrates with Slack
Integrates with Salesforce
Integrates with Dropbox
SaaS Alerts
Scheduled reports to provide clients with constant visibility
Free reports to assist with prospecting clients
Employee activity reporting, including downloading, deleting and sharing files

How SaaS Alerts Can Augmentt Your Security Stance

When it comes to guarding the gates of SaaS applications, Augmentt Technology’s Discover, Secure and Engage modules serve as security configuration tools to ensure a base level of cybersecurity. But SaaS Alerts goes beyond basic configuration, to proactively alert and defend against malicious actors.S

Instant Alerts

Customize the thresholds for SaaS security events and get instant alerts of unusual user behavior to immediately mitigate threats.

SaaS Cyber Assessment

Assess current state and potential risks and vulnerabilities to better demonstrate value to customers and prospects.

Automated Remediation

Use predefined rules to respond to incidents and threats without the need for human intervention.

Improve Security Scores

Deploy Microsoft security recommendations across all tenants to boost security scores and overall security posture.

Find Out Why Security Teams Prefer SaaS Alerts over Augmentt

With SaaS Alerts, MSPs can scale security for their clients by gathering actionable insights. Our multi-tenant, unified and continuous SaaS monitoring platform protects against data theft, data at risk and actions taken by malicious parties. 

Here’s what SaaS Alerts customers have to say: 

“The rise in ransomware, especially through social engineering on SaaS platforms, makes SaaS Alerts a mission-critical tool for our managed services business. Threat surfaces are being spread too thin to leave to chance. No matter how big or small, important or insignificant, you never know who is accessing your information.” 

– Frank Barrett, ArcLight Solutions

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