How MSPs Can Ensure Slack Security for Clients 

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Slack is the preferred communication, collaboration and file sharing hub for teams in more than 150 countries. The number of Slack’s monthly active users is expected to reach 79 million by 2025, per Statista. While the user-friendly interface and versatile app integrations of Slack make it a fan favorite, over time, the platform becomes a […]

How MSPs Use IP Geolocation to Protect Clients

While traditional security measures such as firewalls, strong password policies and encryption remain crucial, their primary focus on securing network perimeters makes them less effective against location-based attacks. This is where IP address geolocation comes in. By leveraging IP data, you gain insights about the location of login attempts, allowing you to distinguish legitimate access […]


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With the rising speculation of nation state-sponsored attacks against Microsoft by Russia, we’re asking that all MSPs be hyper vigilant at this time. Beginning on March 7th, SaaS Alerts witnessed an increase of over 50% (above late February average activity) on event types which indicate password spray, bruteforce, and non-interactive sign-in attacks – and this trend has continued […]

SaaS Alerts Releases 4th Annual SaaS Application Security Insights (SASI) Report

2024 SASI Report

Report Shows Continued Low Adoption of MFA and Identifies Threat Vectors to Watch in 2024 ALLENTOWN, PA — March 6, 2024 — SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company delivering an automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) security platform designed to detect and stop unauthorized activity in customer SaaS applications, today announced the findings of its latest SaaS Application Security Insights […]

A Guide to Building a Robust MSP Software Stack

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What Your MSP Technology Stack Should Look Like The MSP technology stack consists of software and hardware solutions designed to monitor, manage, secure and optimize IT environments. From remote monitoring and management (RMM) to customer relationship management (CRM), every component should strategically streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. A robust software stack enables MSPs to […]

An Introduction to CIS Benchmarks

CIS security Benchmarks

The surge in cyberattacks, data breaches and other malicious activities underscores the need for a standardized approach to security. This culminated with the formation of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) back in 2000.  Fast forward to the present, we cater to MSPs looking for security solutions that not only align with CIS benchmarks but […]

How to Manage the Security Risks of Guest User Accounts

guest user account security

Organizations are increasingly relying on guest user accounts to facilitate external partnerships, collaborate with vendors and grant temporary access to their networks. Our SaaS Application Security Insights (SASI) report found that out of all the accounts SaaS Alerts monitors, almost half (48.1) are guest user accounts versus licensed users. Guest accounts, though handy for collaborations […]

SaaS Alerts Joins N-able Technology Alliance Program

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Allentown, PA — SaaS Alerts is proud to announce its participation in the N-able Technology Alliance Program (TAP). Designed to accelerate innovation and deliver more robust, secure, and differentiated integrations at scale to MSPs worldwide, N-able TAP brings industry-leading technology companies together to further develop and integrate their solutions with the award-winning and expansive solutions […]

The Top Strategies for MSPs to Prevent Data Breaches

From small businesses to global giants, no one is immune to data breaches. In fact, software supply chain attacks will cost businesses almost $80.6 billion in losses by 2026, per Juniper. MSPs have to safeguard their internal data as well as client data from diverse threats, ranging from phishing attacks to supply chain compromises. Let’s […]

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