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Enhance User Identify Validation with Unify

Unify connects the dots between your users’ SaaS applications and their managed device for an added layer of user identity validation and greater cyber protection.

At SaaS Alerts, we understand and share your commitment to provide top-tier security to your customers. Our Unify module is designed to help you do just that — while reducing noise and saving valuable time. 

Unify builds on SaaS Alerts’ industry-leading monitoring, alerting, and automated response engine to provide unparalleled visibility into the security blindspot between cloud-based SaaS applications and end-user devices. Using your existing RMM agent, Unify reconciles device data with SaaS data to ensure only authorized users on authorized devices can gain access to critical company SaaS applications.

No More Locking Out Users

When a user travels outside of their typical location and tries to log in to an application, standard practice is to flag the event as suspicious and automatically lock down the account. This becomes a problem when the user in question forgot to provide notice to the MSP that they are going on vacation. Instead, Unify sees that the user is performing the activity from their known, managed device, so the lock out of that account is skipped. No more noise. No more lock outs. Happy users. Win/Win/Win.

Additional User Identity Validation

MFA, while still one of the best ways to protect an account, is no longer the end-all, be-all solution it once was. Cybercriminals have gotten sneakier and have found ways to bypass security protocols and Conditional Access policies with tactics like social engineering and token hijacking. Unify helps ensure logins and other activity are only allowed if they occur on a known, managed device, stopping the bad guys dead in their tracks. Sweet!


When used in conjunction with our Respond engine, Unify enables the quick detection and automated response to SaaS application attacks. When an attempted login or other activity occurs from an unknown device, SaaS Alerts can automatically respond by retiring all sessions and disabling future logins until you can investigate the incident.

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