Automated Security Policy System

Microsoft security recommendations are complex and require a lot of time to implement. With the introduction of Fortify — the latest module in SaaS Alerts — you can apply security recommendations across all your tenants in minutes.

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Watch this side-by-side comparison of Fortify versus a manual application of Secure Score recommendations.

Streamline the Way You Configure and Secure Microsoft 365 Tenants

Implementing Microsoft security recommendations is a tedious task that can take hours, if not days. With Fortify, you can apply security recommendations across all of your clients in a matter of minutes.

“Fortify doubled my security score across all my clients with just a few clicks.”

— Glenn Holcomb, Mighty Manatee IT

Microsoft Security Recommendations

Apply Microsoft security recommendations across all your tenants at the same time to help boost the security posture of your clients quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Secure Scores & Benchmarks

See your clients’ Microsoft secure score compared to scores of similar-sized companies. Get alerted if a security score regresses, so you can take action fast.

Organization Vulnerability Assessments

Built-in assessments enable you to share Microsoft secure scores and recommended security protocols to encourage clients to upgrade their Microsoft licenses.

Benefits of Using Fortify Security Automation

Microsoft 365 is the most widely used productivity platform in the world, which also makes it the #1 target of criminal hackers, identity thieves and state-sponsored espionage teams. Most SMBs lack the knowledge needed to properly configure their Microsoft security settings to protect against these threats. Instead, they rely on managed service providers (MSPs). 

MSPs are frequently stretched thin by multiple clients, making it difficult to find the time to manually optimize and maintain security scores across all of their clients. This results in possible gaps in their clients’ security posture. As the SaaS security landscape continues to evolve and Microsoft security configurations continue to get more complex, this will become an even greater challenge. That’s where Fortify comes in. 

With Fortify, MSPs can: 

  • See the Microsoft security scores of all their managed Microsoft tenants in a single location
  • See the Microsoft recommended actions that will improve the scores
  • Apply those recommended actions across multiple tenants at the same time
  • Benchmark their security scores against similar companies to ensure scores are on par with industry peers
  • Receive alerts if a security score regresses, so they can act fast and keep security scores within acceptable levels

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