N-able Integration

Connect the dots between your managed devices and your users’ SaaS applications for an added layer of protection.

Integration with our Unify module allows MSPs to compare RMM device data with SaaS activity to ensure only authorized devices gain access to critical company SaaS applications.

Improved SaaS Security with N-central and SaaS Alerts Integration

The integration of SaaS Alerts with N-central RMM by N-able bridges the gap between cloud SaaS applications and end-user devices for MSPs. Our integration leverages the existing RMM agent and merges the device and SaaS data to provide a more complete cybersecurity picture.

This process ensures that access to vital company SaaS applications is restricted only to authorized users on approved devices, enhancing security and compliance. The integration streamlines the management of both physical and cloud-based assets, providing a more cohesive and secure IT environment.

About N-central RMM

N-central RMM by N-able is a comprehensive SaaS platform for remote monitoring and management, designed to cater to the needs of managed service providers (MSPs) and IT teams. The platform offers a wide array of features including network and device management, patch management, Apple device management, and automation capabilities. 

N-central emphasizes ease of use with features like GenAI scripting, a library of over 650 pre-built scripts, and an intuitive user interface. N-central RMM integrates advanced endpoint security, cloud-based data protection, and robust management tools for Microsoft environments, ensuring a unified approach to IT management. The platform is built for scalability, aiming to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for IT professionals.


Enhanced Security: This integration allows for more effective monitoring and management of user activities across both cloud-based applications and local devices. By correlating data from these sources, it becomes easier to identify and respond to potential security threats.

Access Control: Ensuring that only authorized users on approved devices have access to critical applications reduces the risk of data breaches.

Compliance: This approach aids in meeting various regulatory compliance requirements by providing a comprehensive view of data access and usage.

Anomaly Detection: By analyzing patterns across SaaS and user data, anomalies that may indicate cybersecurity threats can be more readily detected.

Streamlined Management: It simplifies the management of IT assets, both physical and digital, reducing the complexity and improving the efficiency of cybersecurity measures.

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