Syncro RMM Integration

Improve your overall cybersecurity posture by integrating your Syncro RMM instance with SaaS Alerts.

Our integration bridges the gap between cloud-based SaaS applications and end-user devices, working together to strengthen cybersecurity and compliance.

Better Protect Your Customers

The integration between SaaS Alerts and Syncro RMM creates a seamless connection between cloud-based SaaS applications and managed devices. By utilizing the pre-existing RMM agent, this integration combines data from both end-user devices and SaaS applications, offering a more comprehensive view of cybersecurity status. 

This approach helps to guarantee that critical business SaaS applications are accessible exclusively to verified users on sanctioned devices, thereby bolstering security and adherence to regulatory standards. Moreover, this integration simplifies the administration of both tangible and virtual assets, leading to a more unified and fortified IT infrastructure.

About Syncro RMM

Syncro’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient IT asset management. It features real-time monitoring of client devices, automated issue remediation, and patch management for both Windows and third-party apps. The platform also includes powerful scripting capabilities in multiple languages, access to a community script library, and the ability to set and manage global policies. Additionally, it offers SNMP monitoring for various devices and detailed reporting and analytics to keep clients informed. Syncro RMM is designed to streamline IT operations and improve service efficiency.

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