Which Indicators of Compromise Matter the Most for MSPs?

indicators of compromise image

To effectively protect their clients from escalating cyber threats, MSPs need a deep understanding of tactical threat intelligence. Enter indicators of compromise (IOCs).  IOCs are critical pieces of information that help MSPs identify whether a system or network has been infiltrated by malicious actors. Using these digital breadcrumbs, MSPs are able to uncover cyberattacks. This […]

SaaS Alerts Releases 4th Annual SaaS Application Security Insights (SASI) Report

2024 SASI Report

Report Shows Continued Low Adoption of MFA and Identifies Threat Vectors to Watch in 2024 ALLENTOWN, PA — March 6, 2024 — SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company delivering an automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) security platform designed to detect and stop unauthorized activity in customer SaaS applications, today announced the findings of its latest SaaS Application Security Insights […]

MSP vs MSSP: Differences and Paths to Collaboration

mssp vs. msp

Managed services are at the crossroads of safeguarding digital assets and ensuring the continuity of operations in the face of the complexity of digitalization and cyber threats. No wonder the global managed services market is expected to grow at a 13.6% CAGR from 2023 to 2030, per Grand View Research.  With the boundaries between IT […]

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