MSP Growth Trend: SaaS Application Security



Have you seen the recent growth of funding into the SaaS Application Monitoring and Security space? Has it made you wonder how you can expand your services and grow your business? A Recent article by Joe Panettieri of ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert provided a round-up of the SaaS application security tools and software platformsthat have achieved recent funding and demonstrates there is clear recognition that monitoring the user behavior associated with SaaS applications is important and should be a part of every MSP’s comprehensive cybersecurity offering. In fact, in the last 4 months, $71.2m has been invested in the SaaS monitoring and alerting space – but$70m of those invested dollars have essentially funded your competitors (ie. these solutions are being sold directlyto SMB, MME and Enterprise customers).

In the article, Channele2e points out that SaaS Alerts is the only company on this list of growing SaaScybersecurity startups who is solely devoted and custom-built for MSPs. This is an important take-away -becausethe rest of the companies featured are now your competitors. We all play in a zero sum game, the technologybudget of every business is finite, if you don’t grab it, a competing company will. At SaaS Alerts we’re here to helpyou win on the technology transition from on-premise applications to SaaS.

With nearly 100 MSPs joining SaaS Alerts since January and 15,000 users now on the platform, we see an average of 3,000 brute force attacks every day. These are attacks you can mitigate for your customers with SaaS Alerts. Please take a moment to review our most recent Blog Article, ‘What is a Brute Force Attack and What to do When you see them Happening?’ where we share some of the insight we’ve gathered as a result of the nearly one million SaaS application events we log per day.

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