PODCAST – SaaS Alerts CEO Jim Lippie chats with Chris Johnson of the MSP 1337 podcast about the future of MSPs providing security services to their clients


The past decade and beyond the MSP has always been about managing the technology infrastructure of their clients.  As the evolution of an MSP has gone from a business model that was largely break-fix has become over time a per-user model.  Our products and services have largely been tied to enabling our clients to do what they do best.  In more recent years it has become increasingly tied to adding protective layers for our client’s employees through products and services ranging from VPNs and 2FA all the way out to policies and procedures. What used to be about protecting the employees from themselves, from bad hardware, bad software, etc. Is now about monitoring what they do, where they go, when they do it, and yes how.  Join me this week with Jim Lippie of SaaS Alerts as we look at the past to better understand the future of MSPs providing security services to their clients.

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