Switch to SaaS Alerts: The Top Competitor to Octiga

Switch from Octiga to SaaS Alerts for a complete SaaS security platform

With SaaS Alerts, MSPs secure multiple cloud services such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack. Our purpose-built platform offers a consolidated approach compared to Octiga’s sole integration with Microsoft Office 365.

The unified monitoring and reporting capabilities of SaaS Alerts make it easier to gain insights into your clients’ security posture and compliance across various services.

Discover why SaaS Alerts is the best alternative to Octiga.

Security Features You Are Missing with Octiga

Comprehensive Integration Capabilities

SaaS Alerts


Besides monitoring cloud apps such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack, our platform integrates with RMM tools giving MSPs greater visibility into clients’ IT environments. 

The platform only integrates with Microsoft 365. Currently, it doesn’t monitor other cloud services or RMM tools, hindering MSPs’ ability to correlate data between known devices, apps and user accounts.

Quick and Automated Security Remediation

SaaS Alerts


With our Respond module, MSPs customize rules to automate security responses, guaranteeing swift and automated action against threats.

The platform offers automated remediation for M365 by performing actions for you without having to sign into Azure. However, you cannot customize security rules. 

Swift Deployment of Security Recommendations

SaaS Alerts


Our policy automation helps MSPs check Microsoft security scores and apply recommendations across all tenants simultaneously.

MSPs deploy Microsoft best practice security baselines from existing templates or create their own templates.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

SaaS Alerts


Our comprehensive reports on user behavior and security events provide a holistic and timely view of cyber risks within the environment.

The reports focus on security baselines and any deviation from them. The lack of reporting on security events impacts the MSP’s ability to identify risks promptly.

Extensive Log Data Maintenance

SaaS Alerts


We maintain log data for 365 days to help MSPs with threat detection and analysis of audit trails to diagnose security issues. 

Octiga provides log data, but it’s not as extensive as SaaS Alerts.

Internal Use for MSPs

SaaS Alerts


MSPs that use SaaS Alerts for clients’ cybersecurity enjoy free internal use to monitor IT documentation and RMM tools so they can better protect their own business. 

MSPs are unable to monitor their internal tools with Octiga, thus resulting in less effective security practices for their own operations.

SaaS Alerts vs Octiga:
Key Differences in Features

Compared to Octiga’s Office 365 security best practices, SaaS Alerts’ comprehensive suite helps MSPs manage alerts, run risk assessments and automatically remediate security threats. With our multi-application security capabilities, MSPs can expand their service portfolio by offering comprehensive services that cover popular cloud platforms. 

SaaS Alerts also offers unified management and reporting that simplifies MSPs’ operations, reduces management overhead and enhances their ability to provide consistent security policies.

How SaaS Alerts Improves Overall Security

Our multi-tenant, automated and unified platform helps MSPs scale SaaS security for their clients by gathering actionable insights and efficiently protecting against malicious acts. 

As a comprehensive SaaS security platform, SaaS Alerts includes:

Continuous Monitoring and Alerts

Customize the rules to monitor security events and get timely alerts of unusual activities to immediately mitigate threats.

Cyber Assessments

Assess the current SaaS security state and potential cyber risks to demonstrate value to customers and prospects.

Automated Remediation

Deploy predefined rules for automated responses to threat incidents without burdening your team. 

Security Recommendations

Apply Microsoft security recommendations across clients to improve security scores and cybersecurity posture.

Why Security Teams Choose SaaS Alerts over Octiga

Let’s take a look at how CTS leveraged SaaS Alerts.

When a client contacted CTS to deal with an internal threat that could have cost them $150,000, CTS sprang into action. They swiftly brought in SaaS Alerts to the rescue. With the help of our platform, CTS took a unified approach to gain a clear view of the attack.

“If the client had SaaS Alerts on their applications from the start, we would have been able to tell them exactly where the attack came from.”
Ben Jones
Central Technology Services (CTS)

Switch to SaaS Alerts for Holistic Security Stance

In addition to detecting threats like business email compromise (BEC) and MFA hacking, SaaS Alerts configures security thresholds on multiple applications to minimize response time and reduce potential damage and data loss.

All information contained herein is based on publicly available information as of October 26, 2023.

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